Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“Invention is science. Innovation is economics. Entrepreneurship translates one into the other."

Golden Capital Network is thankful for the support during the past 10 years from the early stage angel and venture capital investment communities, and from the startup entrepreneurs we have had the pleasure to serve. As we enter 2010, we are pleased to present a new initiative that will elevate our ability to provide value and track metrics from innovation companies well beyond the startup phase.

GROWCalifornia is a project by Golden Capital Network to provide solutions for innovative growth businesses that drive the economy, service providers that serve them, and the public sector that supports them.

The purpose of GROWCalifornia is to identify, survey, report and make service referrals to 1000 high-performing, locally-based innovation companies in the state.

GROWCalifornia provides a unique value proposition by reaching out to locally-based high-growth companies and collecting primary data about their performance, their innovations, their job creation, their business needs, and their opinions on matters of business climate, talent and capital.

GROWCalifornia surveys and reports on businesses from various industry sectors and growth stages that meet unique criteria for potential expansion and positive economic impact. These data reports are valuable economic planning and rapid response tools for economic development, workforce training, elected officials and the business community at large.

The results of the reports are released at networking and press conference events to discuss the findings, offer innovation-focused business content, and to benefit companies, service providers and officials through visibility and networking.

Individual growth company referrals identified through the survey process go directly to the GROWCalifornia partner network, whose members pay an annual membership fee for the opportunity to offer operational value to the growth companies.

The GROWCalifornia partner network delivers critical support to growth companies. Members of the network represent multiple disciplines and are screened for quality and integrity. Direct referrals are made via email with links to online profiles of the companies and the providers.

The GROWCalifornia index divides the state into 20 different regions and tracks 1000 companies that represent high likelihood to generate new products, new revenue and new high wage job opportunities. Growth business criteria include:
• Growth focused management
• Locally owned or operated headquarters or base of operations
• Current or potential national and global markets
• Scaleable products or services
• Significant process or product innovations

GROWCalifornia is the first project of its kind to recognize, quantify, report and support innovation, entrepreneurship, risk capital and regional affinity as key drivers for jobs and regional economic growth.

If you are a growth company, a service provider or a workforce/economic development official interested in joining GROWCalifornia, find out more by calling 530-893-8828.